Devon People First

Devon People First is a semi-independent body within Involve and provides an Individual Advocacy Service for victims of crime with a learning disability, funded through the Police and Crime Commissioner. This service provides a peer advocate to those who need it, with beneficiaries of the service reporting an increase in self esteem, sense of empowerment and their perceptions of safety as well as having the confidence to participate in social activities.

Devon People First attend strategic partnership meetings to provide an ‘expert view’ on how to involve people with learning difficulties in the commissions cycle; the Learning Disability Partnership Board; the Day Services evaluation panel; the Joint Engagement Group; and the Living Well at Home focus group.

We have also raised the awareness at The Learning Disability Partnership Board of what people in our groups and victims of crime were saying about loneliness. The board has now set tackling loneliness as its next main topic of focus and aims to create a new friendship project.


Devon People First supports people with learning difficulties to speak up for themselves through self and peer advocacy.

Victim Care

Victim Care is a charity which is independent of the police, and provides free and confidential support. They gives information and advice to anyone who has experienced crime in Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The unit works with people who have experienced a crime and who have reported it to the police, or who want to report something to the police. 

24/7 live web chat.
Freephone: 08 08 16 89 111
Tel: 01392 475900
Textphone/Minicom: 18001 01392 475900
SMS/Text: 67101 (for Deaf, hard of hearing, speech impaired only)

Find out about other ways to contact Victim Support, including if you are deaf or hard of hearing.

Free, confidential, and independent victim support